• Nikki Van Davis

    What is your opinion's of New Super Mario Bros. U? 

    Tell Them in the Comments! :D

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  • Nikki Van Davis


    October 27, 2014 by Nikki Van Davis

    Do you think we should have pages for the Levels of the games?

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  • LuigiTheYoshi11

    Hello, it's your founder here, and I'm proud to announce, that the wiki will be expanded. Yes, we are going to create a new wiki called the New Super Luigi wiki, I'll be the same as this wiki, but we'll focus on hacks (We'll add a few hacks, but not as much.), and New Super Luigi U's content than the other games. I'll be up soon...... look forward to it! ~LuigiTheYoshi11, Your amazing founder! :D

    Yup, our brother is up! Now, you can post hacks, and add New Super Luigi U content. Here's the link! ~LuigiTheYoshi11, Your amazing founder! :D

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